Moray Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists

Moray Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists (MAMM)

Moray Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists (MAMM)

The AGM will be held on 18th February 2020, at 1930, in Elgin Library. All nominations for Committee Members should be sent to the Chairman or Secretary by 16th February 2020

Everyone has a chance to be a better driver

This course benefits anyone who has lost their confidence after an accident, feels they need to refresh their driving or riding skills, or simply enjoys driving or riding and wants to hone their abilities.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and the DVLA questioned my ability to drive my large Mercedes Sprinter van, which has been specially adapted for my disability. It has no foot pedals, only hand controls. In order to pass a DVLA (Drivers Medical Unit) appraisal I approached Moray Advanced Motorists in Elgin for their help. I cannot thank or praise them enough for their totally unstinting expertise and inclusive approach. With their help I gained much needed driving confidence which enabled me to pass the DVLA appraisal in 2022.  I’m so grateful for the vast amount of coaching, guidance and encouragement I received over a long period.  Subsequently, I passed the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Test this year.


Dee Hamilton Oct 2023

“It’s three years since I passed my IAM test. I am still celebrating the wonder of being able to drive confidently in every situation that comes my way. Last year I was in Australia staying with my cousin who needed to go to hospital for an eye examination – one of those where they put drops in your eyes and then you can’t drive for 5 hours. I was able to go with him, into the heart of Brisbane, and drive him home again, through rush hour traffic, on motorways which were nose to tail for the first hour or two. I didn’t relish the driving conditions, but I loved knowing that I could offer to do this for him, and that I would do it competently and safely and that all would be well. As indeed it was.

It is almost two years since my husband Bruce died and I am still sometimes knocked off balance by the tasks I have to do which were ‘his tasks’ and which I did not have to think about for 25 years. Driving would have been one of them if I had not had the foresight and wisdom to sign up for the IAM course in 2015. I know it took me more than a year to get to test standard, because of my circumstances, but I am SO RELIEVED that I pushed ahead – with your staunch support – and got that particular skill under my belt before Bruce died. Thanks again for all your support.” 

Lori Forsyth (2018)

“In 2016 I had a car accident where I found myself upside down in a field with the car wheels spinning freely in mid air. I was lucky. There was no other person involved and I managed to crawl out of the wreckage pretty much unscathed. I had hit a patch of black ice and lost control, there’s not much that anyone could have done to avoid that, but it did get me thinking, could I have done something different.  My wife suggested that I look into taking the advanced driving course to improve my driving and to get rid of the bad habits that have crept in over 30 years of driving. So, in 2017 I joined IAM RoadSmart and had a series of theoretical lessons that were followed up by practical sessions, all delivered by volunteers who have gone through the same process. Each week I learnt how to apply my existing abilities into more highly improved techniques and expertise as well as adding new skills and ways of approaching your driving. The observers were all friendly, kind, considerate and managed to coax not only my actual driving but also my attitude towards driving and other road users to a much higher standard, for that I am entirely grateful to them. Hazards and problems will always be there but I can now identify them a lot earlier and react appropriately.

On the 18th of May 2017 I passed the IAM RoadSmart test with a F1RST, the highest pass mark you can get.  Since then I have continued to practice and improve my driving whenever possible and I am now learning to become a Local Observer for the IAM so that I too can pass on skills, knowledge and abilities to other road users.  The course provides skills and awareness for life, I recommend it to every road user.”

Stewart Ord (2017)

“I took and passed, my first driving exam as a 17 year old, which is now 68 years ago. As was usual in those days, I was taught by my father who was approaching 60 at the time, and he had never had driving lessons in his life, or had to pass a driving test. In his youth, you just got in the car and drove, no questions asked.

As I am now over 80 and want to continue driving, I thought I ought to have my skills assessed, and I approached the Elgin branch of the Institute of Advanced Motorists for their help. After an initial assessment drive, my weaknesses were identified and a fairly intensive series of weekly drives was arranged. Lots of things have changed over the years. No longer do you slow down by going through the gears. It’s “brakes for slow and gears to go”. There were mnemonics to learn to remind you to do things in a certain order. I enjoyed my weekly drives with my main observer Stuart, and his guidance and advice together with the debrief at the end of the trip were educational.

It was an interesting exercise overall, sometimes disheartening, but with a great sense of achievement when the final test with a police driving instructor was passed. If you or your family are worried about your driving, give it a go, you owe it to everyone on the road to keep driving safely.” 

Tim Griffith (2023)

“Having returned to motorcycling after a long layoff of around 30 years and having a near miss with a car I decided it would be a good idea to complete the IAM advanced motorcycle course. The course has taught me safe riding practices and restraint using IPSGA as the main learning point. I have to say that the course has changed my style of riding, as I am now much more aware of what the potential hazards are. Without a doubt I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about taking up motorcycling as there is always room for improvement even for the most experienced rider.”

Ken Robinson


“This course is a must for riders who are genuinely looking to advance their motorcycle riding skills. The rides were relaxed, informal but informative followed up by a debriefing backed up with explanations from the handbook, which highlighted areas where I could improve and reinforced where I was doing well.  My assessment followed the same relaxed style as my training, with my Assessor who put me at ease.  Friends have commented on my riding style and I have recommended the course to them, which they are currently undertaking. Without hesitation, this is one of the best courses I have attended and it has made my riding experiences even more enjoyable!”

Rob Monger


“Having been riding motorcycles for many years and on seeing the advert decided to take the IAM motorcycle course at the Moray branch to see if it could teach me anything new and brush up my riding skills. I was not disappointed: the course was both informative and very helpful and has generally improved my thinking and riding habits and I found the ride outs with an Observer very helpful. Well worth the time and effort.”

Owen Swift (BMW 1600GT)

“I can safely say the Moray IAM group of bikers have probably extended this rider’s life on a bike. It was only after the very first ride out and debrief I realised how unaware of risks and generally not thinking ahead I was on the bike. On average one or two small errors every couple of months before taking the course, now down to zero, but for luck they could have been bigger. And I am not a racer!!  After a few hours with the Moray IAM team, confidence was up, average speeds were up and generally biking has become much more enjoyable all round… If only the guys could do something about Scottish weather”

Simon Moyes (Honda Pan European ST1300)


“After riding bikes for many years I thought I was a competent rider, however I came out of the IAM course having learned a lot and safety positions on the road.  I have even passed on my learning to my son and others I ride with. “

David Grant (Honda Pan European ST1300)

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