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We ‘officially’ start the motorcycle course in the last week of March (Easter permitting), with classroom ‘Modules’ in Elgin Library on a Tuesday evening from 19:00 – 21:00 for four weeks. The sessions supplement the scope of the IAM RoadSmart handbook material and come as an additional, FREE part of the course. MAMM is the only Group we are aware of in Scotland that offers this feature! The on-road phase ‘Observed’ sessions start as soon as you and your allocated Observer are able to arrange a mutually convenient date. There is no limit to the number of Observed rides, but riders are often test-ready after their 6th ride, with the Group having a 100% pass rate, with a number of those as Firsts. There’s no time limit on this course beyond the one you set yourself, but twelve weeks should be your aim.

The IAM RoadSmart price of the course is £149. This covers your IAM membership, course manual, Highway Code, tuition and test fee. If you’re under 26 there’s an additional £30 Cash Back on successful completion.

If our course programme doesn’t suit your personal circumstances we may be able to arrange a bespoke course but unfortunately, the classroom modules can only be repeated if sufficient numbers make it practical.


Course Programme

  • Week 1 24th March

    Introduction, Getting started, The riding system, Riding plans

  • Week 2 31st March

    Observation and Hazards, Steering and cornering

  • Week 3 7th April

    Positioning and overtaking, Filtering

  • Week 4 14th April

    Speed, acceleration, gears and braking, Town, motorway and country riding, Tricky conditions, The ‘Test’, Further skill development

Under 26?

If you’re under 26 there’s an additional
£30 CASH BACK on completion of the course