Moray Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists

Moray Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists (MAMM)

Moray Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists (MAMM)

The AGM will be held on 18th February 2020, at 1930, in Elgin Library. All nominations for Committee Members should be sent to the Chairman or Secretary by 16th February 2020

Advanced Driver Course

Advanced Rider Course

Once qualified, 90% of members who seek insurance from IAM Surety tend to be quoted less or significantly less than by their current insurer

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you, so if you have any questions you may find the answers here:

It’s not a problem, you’ll have the course manual and highway code, which covers everything you need to know. You’ll also receive handouts covering any classroom modules you miss.

It’s possible to be taking the advanced driving test within three month if your keen, enthusiastic and practise the skills we teach you. However, it may take longer if you don’t attend the modules and drive regularly during throughout the course.

No, there’s no written test, but you will be required to display a good knowledge of the highway code whilst driving.

The MAMM will follow the IAM RoadSmart procedure for dealing with any complaints about the service we provide or other members of the Group.  All complaints should be notified to the Chairman using the email address