Moray Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists

The AGM will be held on 18th February 2020, at 1930, in Elgin Library. All nominations for Committee Members should be sent to the Chairman or Secretary by 16th February 2020

Advanced Rider Course


Bespoke motorcycling courses, tailored to the needs of each individual, are available at any time of the year. After enrolment, you will be provided with IAM RoadSmart’s Advance Riding Course log book which contains all the theory. Ride sessions, using your own motorcycle, will be arranged with your Observer at mutually convenient times.

For those who prefer to cover the theory with other like-minded individuals, you can attend our classroom ‘Modules’ in Elgin Library on Tuesday evenings from 19:00 – 20:30 for four weeks. These ‘officially’ start in the last week of March (Easter permitting). The sessions supplement the scope of the IAM RoadSmart log book and come as an additional, FREE part of the course. As far as we are aware, we are the only Group in Scotland that offers this feature! The on-road phase ‘Observed’ sessions, using your own motorcycle, start as soon as you and your allocated Observer are able to arrange a mutually convenient date on completion of the modules.

Whichever option you choose to take, the course costs £175. This covers your IAM RoadSmart membership, course log book, tuition and test fee. All rides are arranged to suit your personal circumstances and your Observer will coach you until you reach the standard required to take the Advanced Riding test. There’s £30 Cash Back if you’re under 26 on successful completion of the course. You’ll be assessed continuously to see if you are ready to take the Advanced Riding test, which is usually after 6 rides. If you’re not test ready, you’ll continue your riding sessions until you are. There’s no time limit on this course beyond the one you set yourself, but twelve weeks should be your aim.

There is no obligation to take the test and if you decide not to, just simply tell your Observer.

Please Contact Us if you need further information.

Course Programme
Due to Covid 19 we expect the following Course Programme to recommence in March 2022.

  • Week 1 Tuesday 29th March 2022

    Introduction, Getting started, The riding system, Riding plans

  • Week 2 Tuesday 5th April 2022

    Observation and Hazards, Steering and cornering

  • Week 3 Tuesday 12th April 2022

    Positioning and overtaking, Filtering

  • Week 4 Tuesday 19th April 2022

    Speed, acceleration, gears and braking, Town, motorway and country riding, Tricky conditions, The ‘Test’, Further skill development

Under 26?

If you’re under 26 there’s an additional
£30 CASH BACK on completion of the course